British Council

The British Council aims to ensure that every candidate is treated fairly and objectively.   

Our Aptis ESOL team can help if you require special accommodations and/or modified Aptis ESOL test versions for your exam.


Applications for special arrangements or modified versions must be submitted six to eight weeks in advance of your test date.  

To apply for special arrangements, you should contact exams.hanoi@britishcouncil.org.vn or exams.hcmc@britishcouncil.org.vn by the above deadline, detailing: 

  • the test date and location you want to register for.
  • the type of special arrangements you require.
  • any previous test accommodations you have received.

Your application must be supported by medical evidence no more than two years old which should meet the following criteria: 

  • be legible and either in English or Vietnamese
  • be an original document on official letterhead, bearing the name and signature of a registered practitioner
  • give a clear statement of your condition and how this justifies the need for special arrangements

The British Council will review your application and will respond as soon as possible with the accommodations available for your test.

The British Council will accommodate every test taker to the best of our abilities. Please note, however, that not all requested accommodations may be granted.


Although arrangements can be provided from the available options below, each application is treated as unique, and all cases are considered on an individual basis. 

There are two kinds of special arrangements: 

  • modified test materials
  • administrative arrangements (e.g. extra time)

Modified test materials

If you require modified test materials due to hearing or visual impairments you may be eligible for modified exam materials, including:

  • Braille papers (Grade 1/un-contracted or Grade 2/contracted)
  • an amanuensis (a person who will write down your answers) 
  • a screen reader 
  • a scribe/copier (verbatim transcript) 
  • large print: either A4 size (18pt bold font) or A3 size (15.5pt font) 
  • speaking materials: Braille or large print written or visual prompts 
  • in cases of severe impairment, candidates may be exempt from a component (e.g. reading or listening)

Modified test materials involve pen and paper format or other modified version of the test.

Administrative arrangements

If you require administrative arrangements due to dyslexia or a cognitive or a physical impairment, you may be able to request them for a computer-based test. These may include:  

  • extra time: 25-100 per cent extra time depending on a test taker’s need 
  • supervised breaks during the test 
  • a separate room 
  • separate invigilation 
  • longer, scheduled breaks 
  • adapted marking 
  • use of your own computer equipment