About this opportunity

We are collaborating with the Vietnam Institute for Science, Technology and Innovation (VISTI) to support the development of professional skills in the Vietnamese science and innovation sector. The work is funded by the Newton Fund under the Professional Development and Engagement Programme. The project will support the professional skills of two groups:

  • Research managers/leaders in national and provincial government
  • Research Transfer Professionals including researchers from government organisations and research universities and from industries

Vietnamese consultants will work with selected UK consultants and propose recommendations to adjust the UK supplier plans to best fit the context and need of Vietnam to ensure that country expertise and experience are embedded into the design and delivery of the activities. The consultants will be asked to:

  • complete an extensive need analysis on the Vietnamese research and innovation capabilities
  • draft a training and competency framework using UK model contextualised for Vietnam
  • propose a capacity building plan to address the training needs of research managers and translation professionals. 
  • deliver training workshops in Vietnam and the UK and facilitate study tours in the UK
  • attend a final project conference.

Please refer to the below downloadables:

Request for the Proposal

Annex 1 

Annex 2

Annex 3

Please complete a response form and submit by 2 December 2018

Complete the set of response form below and send to Giang Nguyen via email giang.nguyen@britishcouncil.org.vn  by Sunday 2 December 2018