Vũ Thảo

Founder and Director , Kilomet 109

As a designer, artist and eco-entrepreneur, Thảo is a leader among the pioneering group of young designers who have made Hanoi an emerging creative hub of the fashion world. Thảo collaborates with several teams of local craft artisans around Viet Nam to grow, spin, weave, print and naturally dye Kilomet 109 fabrics. After that the garments are hand-stitched in her Hanoi design studio. This hands-on and deliberate creative process honors the principles of the “slow fashion” movement. 

Trương Uyên Ly

Director, Hanoi Grapevine

Trương Uyên Ly is Director of Hanoi Grapevine – one of Viet Nam’s longest running cultural hubs. Hanoi Grapevine provides bilingual content in English and Vietnamese of high-quality art and culture events in the contemporary cultural landscape in Viet Nam, together with art reviews, artist interviews, news of Vietnamese artists’ activities overseas, exhibition photos and introduction of indie films, as well as open calls for creative practitioners.