MyClass - The quality solution to your English training needs

Developed and delivered across East Asia, the British Council’s exclusive MyClass programme is a modern and innovative model for face-to-face teaching that provides flexibility and choice to best meet the needs of your organisation, no matter how large or small. MyClass recognises that your employees’ levels, availability and needs will vary. So, MyClass allows your employees to study what they want, when they want, as often as they want.

What are the benefits of MyClass for your organisation?

  • Quality: As a global product, MyClass provides your employees with the language, skills and confidence to thrive in the global economy. MyClass is a quality-assured English programme developed by the British Council in response to the increasing demand in East Asia for flexibility and convenience. It is delivered face-to-face by professional, qualified and experienced teachers, and we are proud of our customers’ high levels of satisfaction and sense of progress.
  • Flexibility: Whether it’s five or fifty employees, MyClass allows flexible study at the right level. Be confident that your employees will be able to fit their study to work priorities and obligations, book and cancel classes, or take a break, as needed.
  • Relevance: MyClass activates and enhances your employees’ language, building confidence and fluency in both workplace and general situations. MyClass provides relevant language input and practice through themes, topics and tasks, such as meetings, negotiations, presentations, problem solving, discussions, email and business writing, and much more.
  • Effectiveness: MyClass engages students in a way that will maximise your return on investment in training. Traditional learning programmes can often suffer mixed-ability levels, poor attendance, and slow progress. In contrast, one of our major clients achieved 97 per cent attendance with MyClass compared to 42 per cent in a previous in-house course.
  • Efficiency: The flexibility of the MyClass system allows you, the client, to monitor, manage and make changes to the programme and participants that are typically not possible in a more traditional fixed-class programme: you can replace ex-employees with new, delay start dates, or extend packages when a real need arises.
  • Transparency: Our unique, online class management system means the British Council can provide you with the information you need to see for your own monitoring and evaluation purposes. We can provide you with regular, tailored reports on attendance and absence, progress and performance, and even times and topics chosen by your employees, as needed.

Student's testimonials

'I am working in the Information Technology industry, which requires daily communication with foreign customers from Singapore, India, and other countries. I used to very be afraid of speaking in English, but this course has gradually developed my confidence in English communication.' - Vo Huy Phuong, myClass student, Linkbynet

'The British Council provides us with concise and detailed reports of attendance, progress as well as monthly assessments, which helps us monitor the effectiveness of our investment in the staff development scheme.' - Bui Minh Kha, HR department, Linkbynet

'In my experience, myClass effectively meets customers’ needs, especially for working people. It provides flexible time-zone with realistic lessons which help learners arrange conveniently besides applying know-how of each lessons into working practice. What I like most about myClass is the convenience through flexibly choosing teacher, lesson and time-zone.' - Nguyen Thi My Tien, Human Resources Executive, EVNGENCO 3


Number of students Discount rate
10 to 19 5%
20 to 35 10%
36 to 50 15%
From 51 and above 20%