Nguyen Thi Thu Hang was awarded the British Council Scholarships for Women in STEM 2023–24. She is currently undertaking a Fellowship in Telecommunications Engineering at Middlesex University.

Why did you choose to pursue your studies in a STEM subject in the UK?

I chose to study in the UK because, before attending this programme, I had received guidance from a professor I knew in my field. In addition, the UK is a very technically developed country, so I wanted to study in a professional, modern environment.

Please share with us about your study programme in the UK, what do you like most about this programme, or scholarship scheme, or your UK institution? 

I am a postdoctoral researcher, currently doing research as a 'visiting scholar', which means I don't participate in learning knowledge, but rather study and exchange research, as well as provide support for press releases.

I like this scholarship because it suits women working in STEM who have young children. The scholarship provides financial support, professional counselling, and partial support for sending children to kindergarten so that mothers can go to work with peace of mind. The university is very friendly and actively supports women with young children.

What are your plans after finishing your studies in the UK?

I will come back to my institute to work and enhance its programmes in Viet Nam. I will continue to do research work and collaborate with UK professors.

What advice would you give to Vietnamese students who wish to apply for the British Council Scholarships for Women in STEM 2024–25? 

Try your best to build a strong CV, then apply the British Council Scholarships for Women in STEM 2024 as soon as possible. It's worth it, as it's a great opportunity for experience - both in your professional career and in life.