Visiting the London Eye, the largest observation wheel in Europe.

Nguyen Nha Uyen was awarded GREAT scholarship in 2022–23. She is studying MA Education at University College London.

Why did you choose to study in the UK?

I have always considered the UK my dream destination for numerous reasons.

First, I love being immersed in rich culture and enjoying lovely weather and scenery. On top of that, I am also deeply impressed with the leading educational figures in Education currently taught at the top universities here. Another thing that I am curious about is the philosophy behind the curriculum development of the education programmes, that has lead its qualifications to have been recognised worldwide (e.g., A-levels).

In hindsight, my affection for the UK was kindled when I worked as a Teaching Assistant at British Council Viet Nam a few years ago. The experts and colleagues there taught me how to solve problems holistically using a critical mindset. Therefore, I aspired to study in the UK, to reflect on my past experiences more systematically.

Why did you choose the MA Education course at University College London?

I chose to study in the MA Education programme of University College London, starting from the institution’s reputation for continuously being QS ranked #1 in Education programmes for nine years. This achievement inspired me to examine the programme’s vision and research interests, to judge whether it would suit me. When realising the programme focused on curriculum development and embraced inclusivity and diversity, I decided I wanted to be a part of the institution.

What has your experience of course content and study environment at University College London been like so far?

I sincerely appreciate how the teaching staff here tries to create a welcoming atmosphere for meaningful and insightful discussion. The professors often encourage students to reflect critically and raise questions about the given inputs even though they could be studies conducted by the lecturers. The professors also acknowledge the change in their ideology over time and ask for further contributions to the narratives emanating from the lecturers' arguments. They do not hesitate to raise ongoing issues to evaluate different dimensions of theory with the students. Hence, this learning-facilitation style helps me develop critical and reflective judgments to shed light on my past experiences.

How has the GREAT Scholarship impacted your life?

The most valuable merit that the GREAT Scholarship has brought me is a community of excellent and inspirational people. Being a part of the community motivates me to keep pursuing the goals I have set for myself.

What advice would you give potential applicants for GREAT scholarship this year?

I have found my journey with the GREAT Scholarship intrinsically meaningful. Before completing the scholarship application, I was unsure about which field of education I should choose. However, by applying to GREAT, I was able to look back at what I had done to identify what I aspired to do in the future. Thanks to GREAT, I was able to get a better intrapersonal understanding. All in all, my advice is: if you are still reluctant, please give GREAT a chance because the journey itself is worthwhile.

Visiting the ancient Roman hot springs - Roman Bath.
Taking a photo in the main square at University College London.
Self-study at the private library of the Institute of Education.
Seminar discussion time.