Dang Le Da Thanh graduated as an Interior Architecture and had experience in designing and developing projects in Ho Chi Minh City. She was awarded GREAT scholarship in 2021–22 and achieved Master degree in Project Management at Anglia Ruskin University.

Why did you choose to study in the UK?

The most developed education in the world is the first reason why I choose the UK as a study destination. Since childhood, I have always been impressed with England, by its beautiful ancient universities with highly developed subjects, such as Design, Architecture, Engineering, Construction... Not only that, but the education system here always focuses on practical knowledge, creating the best conditions to help students develop logical thought in the most comprehensive and natural ways.

Secondly, the UK is one of the leading countries in sustainable construction development, something that all construction in the world, especially in developing countries like Vietnam, should aim for. Having the opportunity to study here will help me equip myself with more knowledge about 'green building', as well as reduce climate change impact in construction work.

Another reason - one impossible not to mention - is that I have been a hardcore fan of Harry Potter since I was a kid. The dream of once setting foot in the cradle of this famous novel series was a great motivation for me to come to England.

Why did you choose the MSc Project Management course at Anglia Ruskin University?

Project management is currently a trending science course that requires integrated knowledge in many different aspects related to planning, operating or developing a project. Choosing to study this Master's programme helps me equip myself with more of the knowledge necessary to prepare for a new step in my current professional career. As far as I understand, Anglia Ruskin University is not only in the top 350 best universities in the world, but the Faculty of Environmental Science and Engineering is also one of the key disciplines at the university. Here, students are not only equipped with knowledge and skills in management expertise, but also have the opportunity to develop themselves and interact with international colleagues through practical projects. In the future, I want to continue to accumulate knowledge in this field, as well as contributing to improving the capacity for climate change adaptation and sustainable development of construction work in Viet Nam.

What has your experience of course content and study environment at Anglia Ruskin University been like so far?

The university that I am attending with the GREAT scholarship is Anglia Ruskin University, which is located in a small city called Chelmsford, east of London, half an hour's travel by train. This is where I have had countless interesting experiences over the past year. The special thing with the Master's programme is that I only attend about two to three classes at school weekly; the rest of the time is self-study or group work. Doing group exercises on real projects helped me learn many things from friends who came from different countries with different industry backgrounds. Not only that, but having fewer classes from the school also helps me practice self-study more, as well as actively arrange my time to visit here and there to explore England.

How has the GREAT Scholarship impacted your life?

The GREAT scholarship, for me, is a great motivational gift to help my dream of studying in and experiencing one of the most beautiful and developed countries in the world come true. Thanks to that, not only do I try to learn and get used to the new environment, I always remind myself to constantly strive and improve to achieve the goals that I have set. Not only that, the GREAT scholarship is also an inspiration for me, a way to inspire other students who dream of going far to learn and experience new things like me.

What is one of your favourite memories since you came to the UK?

My enrollment period started when both Viet Nam and the UK were just about to be out of the peak of the Covid-19 epidemic. The processes for enrollment like check-in, admission, classroom demonstrations were completely different. There were some subjects that required teamwork from the first semester, which confused me and my classmates when we were unable to meet each other. Many of them had not been able to come to the UK because of the epidemic. Despite having to get used to new methods and maintain the connections among the whole group to complete the exercise through online meetings, everyone still agreed with each other and tried their best, encouraging each other to complete the assignment as best as we can.

What advice would you give potential applicants for GREAT scholarships this year?

I once struggled with self-doubt and was hesitant in what I wanted for my life, before applying for the GREAT scholarship. After all the hard work and commitment to getting things done, I believe that the most crucial step is to understand who you are and what you desire. The range of study options in the UK is enormous. Each course will provide you a tremendous amount of knowledge, especially at the Master's level, but it will take a lot of your time and effort. Knowing yourself and choosing the course that is truly best for you will therefore not only benefit your future but also provide the most compelling justification for the scholarship assessment panel to award you the scholarship. Do not be afraid to demonstrate your drive, orientation, and sense of self during the application process, in order to prove that you are deserving of the position of a GREAT representative from Viet Nam.

Having just a few classes enables me to arrange time for self-study and travel.
Attending one of my first seminars. After days of video calling to assist and encourage each other to complete the assignments, our group was one of those who got the best results.
I like to hang around the city after school.
Chelmsford, the city where I live and study, is very beautiful and peaceful.