Mai Vietnamese Handicrafts joined the #Whoknew campaign in 2016. Photo: Mai Handicrafts.

Thursday, 15 November is Social Enterprise Day – part of Global Entrepreneurship Week, and a day to raise the profile of social enterprise around the world. To mark the event, the British Council is partnering with Social Enterprise UK who are running the #WhoKnew campaign – a digital campaign that’s easy to take part in and set up to allow social enterprises to shout out loud and proud about the impact they’re having in their communities and what makes them an organisation that is doing business differently. All that’s required to take part is to download an editable poster, fill it out and share the picture on social media.

Often members of the public don’t realise that the goods and services they’re buying are being provided by a social enterprise, but this is a chance to let them know. Whatever your business and social mission is, join the worldwide social enterprise community and get involved.

Taking part could not be easier. All you need to do is follow these steps:

  1. Download your editable sign at the bottom of this page.
  2. Write your message and take a photo. This can include the people that you work with, your staff team or a picture of the product or service you provide.
  3. Once you’ve taken your photo share it on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram from now to 15 November using #WhoKnew, #SocialEnterpriseDay and #Buysocial.
  4. Once you’ve taken your picture, take another one. There’s no limit to the amount of posts you can share.
  5. Your images will then be added to a global album hosted on Flickr and Facebook. You can see some of the pictures from last year to get some inspiration here. 

Sample messages:

#WhoKnew our organisation has moved 1,712 young people into jobs, education and training in the last 12 months! #SocialEnterpriseDay #WhoKnew #Buysocial.

#WhoKnew over 100 social enterprises are providing mental health services across Birmingham #SocialEnterpriseDay #WhoKnew #Buysocial.

#WhoKnew 41 per cent of social enterprises in the UK are run by women #SocialEnterpriseDay #WhoKnew #Buysocial.