In case of Covid-19:

The health, safety and well-being of our students is always a top priority for the British Council. Furthermore, we always ensure strict compliance with any special government regulations stemming from any directives issued.

In the event that face-to-face teaching activities at the centre are suspended due to pandemic prevention requirements, in order to ensure the learning path for all students, our teaching programs will be switched to Online Learning.

Online learning for young learners

The British Council applies the Guided Learning Method with an online learning program consisting of two parts:

  • Self-study and lesson preparation: students prepare their own knowledge at home through interesting and engaging activities, games and exercises on the Learning Hub and Primary materials and Secondary Plus are compiled separately owned by the British Council - British Council globally. Along with that, students will be guided by other useful exercises and projects to practice at home. Through this, teachers can closely monitor and evaluate students' progress throughout the learning process.
  • Online learning with teachers: with students having prepared knowledge in advance, in online lessons, teachers will spend more time helping students practice communication skills and apply knowledge instead of guiding students to read or learn grammar and vocabulary from scratch. Teachers will also have plenty of time to guide and answer students' questions.

Online learning for adults

All adult courses will be delivered online using the Zoom platform. In the lessons, teachers will be using different tools to help make the online learning experience as close to the classroom experience as possible. There will be a strong focus on interactive communication and the opportunity for students to work in pairs, groups and ask questions to the teachers.

If students and customers are looking for course information, or need any support, please reach us through one of three channels:

Our customer management staff will assist you. 

We wish everyone well during this challenging time and thank you for your kind understanding. 

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