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As COP28 takes over the global conversation, the British Council through the UK/Viet Nam Season is spotlighting innovative collaborative climate and environment projects with innovative and creative responses to tackle climate change

The UK/Viet Nam Season is a celebration of the 30th anniversary of the British Council in Viet Nam and the 50th anniversary of UK-Viet Nam diplomatic relations, with a thematic focus on our climate and the environment is uniting experts, educators, artists, and innovators from both nations.

Aligned with the shared priorities of the UK and Viet Nam, the Season emphasises the critical need to protect our planet. Collaborating with top universities and organisations from both countries, the Season over the past six months has featured hackathons, residencies, symposiums, and digital exhibitions, fostering creative solutions to climate change.

Donna McGowan, the British Council Director in Viet Nam, emphasises the significance of collaboration on climate solutions: "Our UK/Viet Nam Season envisions our future together, forging new partnerships and reinforcing bonds between our countries. Through joint climate and environment initiatives, we are actively contributing to the global conversation on climate change and showcasing the power of collaboration in addressing our shared responsibilities for a sustainable future.”

As we see outcomes from COP28 in Dubai (30 November–12 December), the Season's projects in Viet Nam are providing opportunities for people to tackle climate change through arts and culture, education, and English.

Examples of Climate related Season Projects in Viet Nam:

Climate Storytelling Workshops

Climate Storytelling Workshops is a bespoke collaborative project developed by D-Fuse, a collective of audio-visual innovators active since the mid-1990s in the UK and Phố Bên Đồi, a multidisciplinary hub in Viet Nam focused on pursuing the United Nations' Sustainable Development Goals.
The project features a series of workshops, where participants will discuss engaging climate storytelling methods, including the use of cutting-edge technology. D-Fuse and Phố Bên Đồi encouraged students to look at the world around them, making the environment the centrepiece of the story. In September 2023 two workshops were organised that attracted 100 students participating from Ho Chi Minh City and Da Lat. Combining elements of science, art, and technology, participants gained a renewed understanding and appreciation for the natural world through ethnographic research and practical environmental analysis..

Multimedia Resources for Climate Action in Higher Education

A joint venture between Bournemouth University (UK) and the University of Transport and Communication (Viet Nam), this innovative teaching module focuses on the UN Sustainable Development Goals. The project, inspired by SDG 4 (Quality Education) and SDG 13 (Climate Change), works with education and industry partners to embed climate action ideas into classrooms both online and in person. Embedding the learning and assessment materials into classrooms will help our nations take urgent action to combat climate change and its impacts. A seminar on ‘Education for Sustainable Development: Tackling the Climate Crisis’ was organised in October 2023 to share the outcome of the project.

Just Picture It and Drawing Breath(less)

Projects by Plymouth Marjon University (UK), and Hanoi University of Science and Technology and University of Portsmouth respectively, these exhibitions take a creative approach to sustainability and the impacts of climate change. Using mixed media, including photography, video work, posters, graphics, and sculptures, these exhibitions serve as a powerful tool for climate change education. Both exhibitions and an art talk are open to public in the period from 1 to 15 December at Hanoi University of Science and Technology.

Creative Entrepreneurship and the Climate Change Challenge

In collaboration with the University of Leeds (UK) and Hanoi University of Science and Technology, this three-part program recently took place from 2 December to 6 December, and focused on balancing Viet Nam's growing energy needs with COP26 commitments. The program included 'Hackscience,' 'Train the Trainer,' and a 'Think Tank,' encouraging an entrepreneurial mindset and exploring new educational links between research and business.

Around 10 UK/Viet Nam Season projects will finish in December 2023, our last month of the UK/Viet Nam Season. With these initiatives and the 60 plus events over the past six months, the UK/Viet Nam Season is actively contributing to the global conversation on climate change.

For further information on the UK/Viet Nam Season's climate action projects, visit our website.

Notes to Editor

Hanh Le
Communications Consultant
British Council

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