Climate Storytelling Workshops 2023. Image from the Nine Earths exhibition in 2022. Image Courtesy D-Fuse.
Friday 01 September 2023 - 09:17 to Saturday 30 September 2023 - 17:17

Immerse yourself in tech-focused stories about climate and the environment through a series of interactive workshops taking place across two cities in Viet Nam.  

The project provides an opportunity to participate in developing Respira-Tree portable devices that measure air pollution in real-time, delve into excerpts of the Nine Earths documentary, contribute to ethnographic video recordings and data-collection, and take part in discussions about climate and the natural environment.  

Project runs from June to October 2023. 

How to take part 

The project will be in Ho Chi Minh City and run from June to October 2023, with workshops taking place in September 2023. 

About the Season

The Season will imagine our future together by bringing together artists, universities, and civil society leaders. People across Viet Nam and the UK will have the opportunity to experience innovative and exciting creative work from some of the best UK and Viet Nam companies, artists and institutions creating together.