Teaching for Success from the British Council helps clients improve the quality of teaching and learning in their education systems.


Teaching for Success is the British Council’s new approach to helping teachers improve through continuing professional development (CPD). It aims to put in place effective and sustainable CPD systems which will have a long-term impact on the development of teachers.


All teachers in the world have high-quality continuing professional development (CPD) opportunities that improve their own practice and their learners’ success.


We understand that teachers develop when training and development helps them deal with the real issues they face in their classrooms. Therefore it is important to find out what teachers’ needs are, and also what they are required to do. From an analysis of teacher and education department needs, we can design bespoke, tailor-made CPD programmes which are directly relevant to teachers and the classes they teach.

Teaching for Success supports a comprehensive range of CPD activity, including mentoring, coaching, teacher research, communities of practice, as well as high-quality training materials, to create the best conditions for actual improvement in the quality of teaching. The Teaching for Success approach helps teachers articulate what they currently know and do, and integrate new knowledge and skills into their existing understanding and practice.


In Vietnam, we are currently using the Teaching for Success approach to enhance the skills and knowledge of over 1000 teachers working in state schools. Throughout different provinces in Vietnam we are training primary and secondary teachers in language proficiency and teaching methodology, mentoring teachers through classroom observations and feedback, encouraging teachers to engage in reflective practice through action research and setting up different learning communities to share best practice. 

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