Following the success of PRELIM 1 (Partnered Remote Learning Improvement Project), new partnerships have been announced for four countries across East Asia, including here in Viet Nam. 

Following the success of PRELIM 1, when VietTESOL Association partnered with the Wimbledon School of English, for PRELIM 2 VietTESOL will partner with CELT (the Centre for English Language Teaching) in Cardiff, Wales. 

The prime motivation is to support language development and confidence in English language teachers around the world, turning them into more confident classroom teachers. However, the project has also been designed to boost the confidence of UK language schools, often providing a lifeline during the worst of the pandemic.

Indeed, language schools, such as PRELIM 1 VietTESOL partner Wimbledon School of English (WSE) have maintained links. For example, they recently delivered a presentation at October's VietTESOL International Convention and as part of a new British Council Viet Nam webinar series

With additional funding for the 2021 scheme, the number of participating English Teacher Associations (ETAs) has doubled from 20 to 40, mostly in ODA countries. They are partnered with 35 accredited UK language centres, most of which are English UK members. In East Asia, as well as Viet Nam, PRELIM projects will be taking place in Indonesia, Thailand and neighbouring Laos. 

For the second year, NILE will manage the entire project, and you can read their comprehensive report on PRELIM 1 here.

VietTESOL Association are looking forward to the new PRELIM, with VietTESOL Board member Dr Dang Tan Tin stating, “the new cohort of teachers will enjoy their exposure to the native English environment during the project even more than the first cohort. Further collaborations between UK institutions and ETAs across the region will be established. The PRELIM alumni would make significant contributions to the local practices of English language teaching”.

For more information about PRELIM 2 in Viet Nam, contact VietTESOL Association.