What is LearnEnglish Pathways?

LearnEnglish Pathways is a series of eight self-study courses for adult learners of English at an A1 to B2 level of the Common European Framework. Each course is between 30 and 45 hours long and aims to develop learners’ language through a variety of interactive online lessons. The courses are designed for self-study and require little or no support.

Self-study course e.g. Elementary 1 

UNITS: People, Work & Study, Places, Free Time, Travel, Grammar & Vocabulary 

SECTIONS: In Town, Restaurants, Clothes Shops, Directions, Review

ACTIVITIES: Quiz, Gap fill, Drag-and-drop, Matching, Grouping 

What does the course consist? 

A course is made up of six units each focusing on a different theme (e.g. family, travel, jobs and culture), which is explored through audio recordings, text, images and video. Each unit is divided into five sections which contain five to ten Adobe Flash-based activities. Typical activities include quizzes, gap fill, drag-and-drop, matching, grouping, etc. The Elementary level also contains a video section in each unit. The sections finish with a round-up and a mini test.

How is it delivered?

LearnEnglish Pathways materials are available on the British Council’s Moodle learning environment or can be delivered on your learning management system. On the British Council Moodle system, learners are provided with individual accounts. This means that they can check their progress and scores, which are automatically recorded in the system’s grade book. Teachers are also able to check all their students’ progress and scores from their grade books. LearnEnglish Pathways content is SCORM 2007 compliant so it can be installed and run on other learning management systems outside of the British Council (e.g. Moodle and Blackboard). This means that a school or organisation with their own learning management system can offer LearnEnglish Pathways directly to their students or staff.

How to get more information?

If you are interested in LearnEnglish Pathways, please contact us at: 

English for Education Systems Unit, British Council Vietnam

Or email to english.consultancy@britishcouncil.org.vn