British Council

After almost three years, the popular LearnEnglish radio series Middleton Hall will draw to a close on 23 March. Listeners have already become very familiar with a previous British Council series, Obla Air (which ran from 2015–18). This told the tales of adventure, and humorous stories, about Mass Obla, the boss of Obla Air and a pilot and his crew. The latest series, Middleton Hall (2018–21) tells the story of a small country hotel just outside London. It explores the highs and lows of the hotel's owner, Charles Middleton, his wife, Janet, and the hotel's manager, Sitwell.

However, do not worry dear listeners, the British Council is coordinating with Voice of Viet Nam to bring you the latest LearnEnglish series entitled The Merton Mysteries starting on 30 March 2021. The Merton Mysteries is a crime fiction radio series which continues to bring listeners an enjoyable English learning experience. It will follow the same format as the previous two shows with 20 lessons featuring twenty 15-minute episodes. Listeners of The Merton Mysteries will develop their vocabulary and grammar, and improve their pronunciation and listening skill.

The show will be broadcast on VOV2 (549 mHz AM and 96,5 mHz FM) at 10.15 every Tuesday, repeated at 23.00 on Tuesday and 10.15 and 23.00 every Thursday. 

In addition, VOV5, the 24/7 English FM channel (104 mHz FM) will start broadcasting the first episode of The Merton Mysteries at 07.15 and repeats every two hours a day.

The British Council’s global LearnEnglish series were first broadcast on the Voice of Viet Nam in 2015. Over the past six years, the two series have been continuously broadcast on two of the most popular nationwide channels, VOV2 (Culture, Social Life and Educational Channel) and VOV5 (National External Broadcasting channel).

With the introduction of the latest series, The Merton Mysteries, we hope that through the cooperation of the Voice of Viet Nam this latest LearnEnglish radio series will reach millions of Vietnamese people, both entertaining them and helping them to improve their English.