The Alumni Awards celebrate the outstanding achievements of alumni and showcase the impact and value of a UK higher education.

Award winners and finalists were selected for their outstanding achievements as professionals, experts, and leaders in their fields. They have made positive contributions to the community with their inspirational stories from the experiences and values they gained under UK education.

Find out what makes their stories unique.

Business and Innovation Award – Le Yen Linh (Finalist)

Le Yen Linh

Staffordshire University

Starting as a management trainee, Linh Le swiftly rose to Associate Manager of Digital Learning at Generali Vietnam Life Insurance (GVL) at an impressive age of 24.

Leading a strategic 10-billion-VND project, she orchestrated the digitalization of training for over 20,000 agents, earning the project team GVL’s Best Innovation Team Award in 2022 and 2023. She is now a rising professional in the learning & development field.

“I’m a British University Vietnam alumna, who champions the transformative influence of a UK education, exemplifying success through measurable impact. Through blogging and mentoring younger talents, I have been able to spread the positive values that UK education has given me.”

Business and Innovation Award - Pham Quang Tu (Finalist)

Pham Quang Tu

De Montfort University

With the ambition to revolutionise the way people learn and prepare for exams, while making quality education accessible to everyone, Tu Pham founded PREP in 2020—a smart self-paced learning and test preparation platform. Since then, Prep has rapidly emerged as a transformative force in online education, introducing unique AI-powered features, including the Virtual Speaking Room and Virtual Writing Room. These innovations have resulted in a remarkable 95% of users experiencing score improvements in as little as two months. Currently, Prep serves hundreds of thousands of users, with the majority originating from tier 2 and tier 3 cities.

“My UK education played a pivotal role in advancing my career, equipping me with practical knowledge and skills. This foundation allowed me to excel in diverse professional settings, from a state-owned corporation to the successful establishment of startups like IPP IELTS and Prep. Furthermore, the emphasis on assignments and self-study during my UK education honed my abilities, contributing significantly to Prep's success as a research-based learning platform with a broad user base.”

Business and Innovation Award - Nguyen Thi Hai Thanh (Winner)

Nguyen Thi Hai Thanh

University of Huddersfield 

Nguyen Thi Hai Thanh is the co-founder of APAC DAO - Asia’s most extensive B2B network of over 2,000 blockchain projects through education and power business matching. As ASEAN Vice-chair at Global Impact Fintech think tank, she collaborates with visionary leaders, central banks and fintech associations to drive global fintech adoption. Thanh is instrumental to the launch of Tech Vietnam Advocates - the local chapter of Tech London Advocates, a UK-based unrivalled collection of the most influential tech leaders to foster tech collaboration among Vietnam, UK and the world. She is also an Honorary Advisor to BRIC Chamber of Commerce - Women Entrepreneurship Vertical where she joins global female leaders to inspire and empower prospective female entrepreneurs.

“UK’s unparalleled position as a first-class innovation hub and nurturing tech ecosystem inspired Thanh to step out of her comfort zone as a tech newbie to become a passionate founder, tech evangelist and global community builder. Thanh is relentlessly pushing forward with her journey of evangelising for blockchain and Fintech, bridging ecosystems and powering tech founders towards global impact.”

Culture and Creativity Award - Nguyen Phuc Minh (Winner)

Nguyen Phuc Minh

University of Bath 

Minh, an architect shaped by the transformative UK education system at the University of Bath, blends mindfulness with architecture, fostering originality and breakthrough. With nearly a decade at global top firm Foster + Partners in London, Minh co-founded MPN + Partners, infusing designs with depth and purpose. Award-winning and globally recognized, Minh champions meaningful architecture, emphasising environmental impact and community enrichment. Through talks, seminars, and mentorship, Minh shares expertise, inspiring the next generation. Facilitating cultural exchanges, Minh brings Bath University and international students to Vietnam for enriching placements. Dedicated to advancing architecture with purpose, Minh fosters creativity, sustainability, and global collaboration.

“The University of Bath's unique educational environment really helps me in fostering practical design and global perspectives. At Bath, I learned that the best buildings aren't just beautiful; they're responsible, mindful of the environment, and the communities they serve. My passion lies in nurturing future architects and shaping a more sustainable architectural work worldwide.”

Culture and Creativity Award - Le Minh Hoang (Finalist)

Le Minh Hoang

University College London 

Le Minh Hoang is an architect and the founder of Lê Studio Architects, a prominent architectural firm engaged in the practice of architecture and cultural research. Hoàng is also a distinguished lecturer at the Faculty of Architecture, Hanoi University of Architecture. He focuses on researching and promoting indigenous values through contemporary architectural projects. His work contributes to the preservation of the cultural identity of minority communities while inspiring young people and students towards career paths aligned with social responsibility.

The knowledge acquired from an advanced architectural education, enriched by the distinctive characteristics of the United Kingdom, has played a significant role in shaping and guiding Hoàng's career. It has also nurtured his research skills and practical abilities to meet international standards.

"The education in the United Kingdom has provided me with cutting-edge and expansive knowledge in my field. These values are constructed through theoretical foundations and tested through concurrent practical application. Additionally, the rich cultural heritage and long-standing traditions of the United Kingdom have been a major source of inspiration, contributing significantly to shaping and molding my career direction."

Culture and Creativity Award - Nguyen Hoang Anh Trung (Finalist)

Nguyen Hoang Anh Trung

Bournemouth University 

Nguyen Hoang Anh Trung (Billy) is a young award-winning film producer driven by a simple vision: to showcase Vietnamese cinema globally. Co-founding Spring Auteurs, he and his friends have built a talented worldwide Vietnamese filmmakers' community of over 1000 members, encouraging young talents to elevate their standards.

Beyond cinema, he worked on numerous projects outside of film including CEO of an online men's fashion brand located in the United Kingdom and football agent. However, these roles are more than simply titles; they represent his unique contributions to a variety of industries. Billy's path has earned him both local and worldwide awards, culminating in his master's degree in film and television production at the age of 22. Working with Billy means collaborating with someone who believes in quiet influence and letting actions speak louder than words. 

“Studying Master's in the UK for a year was like discovering a unique blend of Vietnam and new experiences. It's similar to learning new football tactics, observing how people combine work and life, and exchanging experiences over tea. The United Kingdom has a rich history, but it is also quite contemporary and multicultural. It felt like going on a thrilling journey!”

Science and Sustainability Award - Ngac Linh Chi (Finalist)

Ngac Linh Chi

University of Leeds

Chi Ngac, a University of Leeds alumnus, has over a decade of experience working for nonprofits serving vulnerable people, including disadvantaged children and victims of abuse and human trafficking. Her study in International Communications and deep commitment to ethical communications have propelled her work to share the stories of vulnerable children and women and make a lasting impact in communities. Collaborating across sectors, including government and private entities, Chi's role is to connect resources and expertise and drive lasting and positive change.

“Beyond the technical knowledge and experience gained during my study in the UK, I emerged from this experience significantly more self-assured. I learned the importance of flexibility, open-mindedness, and the ability to examine a topic from various perspectives. There might not be a definite answer for the world’s problems but all we can do is do our part.”

Science and Sustainability Award - Pham Minh Thanh (Finalist)

Pham Minh Thanh

University College London


Dr Pham Minh Thanh is currently the Country Manager for Vietnam and Business Development Manager for South East Asia at Wärtsilä Corporation – a global company from Finland specialising in innovative technologies for energy and marine industry. His work has contributed to the addition of a new power generation technology called “flexible generation” into Vietnam’s National Power Development Plan 8 (PDP8). Accounting for around 8% of the total system capacity, this technology will be playing an important role in enabling the country to integrate more renewable energy into the grid and ultimately achieve the Net-zero target by 2050. 

“I strongly value the creativity, collaboration and communication elements together with out-of-the-box learning experiences during my time in the UK. Six years in the UK from A-levels to Master of Engineering (MEng) at UCL has equipped me with a strong educational background with unique skills to advance my international career.”

Science and Sustainability Award - Le Kim Phung (Winner)

Le Kim Phung

University of Sheffield 

Assoc Prof Dr Phung Kim Le, Director of Refinery & Petrochemical Technology Research Center (RPTC), and leader of Sustainable Process Engineering Group, Ho Chi Minh City University of Technology (HCMUT), received her Ph.D. in Chemical Process Engineering at Sheffield University, UK in 2008. Since then, she has expanded her research interests in science and technology development and applications for the water-food-energy process system engineering field for sustainable development. Currently, as an associate professor at HCMUT, she has been awarded various global research grants from USA, Japan and Asia for her research interests including several emerging fields such as renewable energy, biomass, biorefinery, and bio recovery. Recently, she also received the Best Innovation Award of The 2022 Hitachi Global Foundation Asia Innovation Award.

Social Action Award - Nguyen Trong Hoang Nam (Finalist)

Nguyen Trong Hoang Nam

University of Bristol

Nam TH Nguyen, Managing Director of the UK Alumni Association in Vietnam (UKAV), is a social entrepreneur and advocate for education and social initiatives. His current focus is strengthening the UK alumni community in Vietnam, fostering connections, and driving collaborative initiatives. His journey in social action began as a founding member of AVSE Corp, where he joined hands to unite around 10,000 overseas Vietnamese scientists and experts for strategic consulting projects, scientific symposiums, and executive training. His work was included in the official document of the Vietnam 13th National Party Congress. Nam further extended his reach with Rap4Skills, playing a pivotal role in the founding team dedicated to creating and releasing educational rap songs. Nam's commitment to community, education, and social impact continues to shape meaningful change.

“I pursued my UK education with zeal, leveraging its transformative power for community betterment. Rooted in public policy studies at the University of Bristol, I navigated diverse academic realms, acquiring multifaceted insights, and contributing to creating positive impacts on society. UK education gave me critical thinking and a global perspective, shaping my approach to challenges. Choosing the UK was a no-brainer for its rich academic heritage and emphasis on practical skills.”

Social Action Award - Le Duy Anh (Finalist)

Le Duy Anh

University of Cambridge

Dr Duy Anh Le is a distinguished higher education lecturer, researcher, and development consultant. Currently serving as the Head of the Public Policy Department at the University of Economics and Business, Vietnam National University Hanoi, and as a Senior Lecturer at VinUniversity. His impactful research publications in prestigious academic journals and consultancy projects focus on applying behavioral theories to solve development challenges in developing countries. He also serves as the Vice President of the Vietnam Global Young Scholars Association, a network that aims to unite young Vietnamese scholars and experts to address current domestic developmental challenges. He was one of the ten youth national representatives attending the 13th National Congress of Vietnam Communist Party in 2021, where the highest level of leaders shaped the direction of Vietnam for the next five years.

“Inspired by my education at world-class institutions in the UK such as Durham University and University of Cambridge, I uphold values of integrity, cultural diversity, and a commitment to uplifting the less fortunate."

Social Action Award - Trieu Thi Thanh Truc (Winner)

Trieu Thi Thanh Truc

University of Manchester 

Trieu Thi Thanh Truc is an ambassador for Breast Cancer Network Vietnam, BCNV. She was diagnosed with breast cancer at the age of 28. Having faced stigmas against cancer patients in Vietnam herself and with a healthcare professional background, Truc shared her story on many media platforms to raise cancer awareness.  20,000$ was raised in 2020 and donated to wig libraries across the country. In 2022, she started her project, Trookies, a vegan baking project and donated bake sale profit to local cancer education programmes. In the same year, she donated her hair after growing it for 3 years post-chemo and inspired many other young women.

In 2023, Truc proudly walked the fashion show as part of the launching of Pinkmate, a custom-made bra brand for breast cancer patients. Last October, she returned to the 3 kilometres run with 5000 other supporters joining Pinkrun, a fundraising event for BCNV.

“I believe that my education in the UK has had a great impact on my life. Having been given such wonderful opportunities at a UK university, I had no reason to feel sorry for myself when I faced the cancer journey myself, a pharmacist now being a patient. It’s my duty in education, and my privilege to pay that forward. I want to continue improving the quality of life for cancer patients in Vietnam. I hope that my story will inspire many others and encourage young Vietnamese to study in the UK.”