Logo with text Hue English over a purple bridge.

The evolution of Vietnamese English is at the heart of this two-phase project exploring language as it is currently used in two locations, Hue city in Viet Nam and Manchester in the UK.  

In the initial phase (Your English – My English) researchers will work with community members in Hue to collect and analyse speech samples that will be showcased in an audio-visual exhibition alongside reflections on how these ways of speaking represent their identity.  

In the second phase (Our English), researchers will work with English teachers at selected schools in Hue to integrate their learnings into the local curriculum, resulting in a set of lesson plans inspired by localised English usage and a podcast and speaking competition encouraging students to explore their use of the language.  

About the collaborators 

Hue English is run by a team of sociolinguists and second language education researchers from the UK and Vietnam: Drs Mai Nguyen, Rob Drummond, and John Bellamy of Manchester Metropolitan University, UK; Dr Phung Dao of University of Cambridge, UK; and Drs Huy Nguyen and Binh Nguyen, Khanh Nguyen and Uyen Nguyen of Hue University of Foreign Languages, Vietnam.   
The team has a track record for successfully designing and delivering impactful international and national research and knowledge exchange projects, bringing together a diversity of interest and expertise in sociolinguistics, applied linguistics, and language teaching.  

How to take part 

Hue English - Tiếng Anh Giọng Huế will take place in Viet Nam in person and online from September to December

  • Your English – My English Exhibition 
    September 2023  
    Hue University of Foreign Languages and International Studies 
    57 Nguyen Khoa Chiem St., Hue City 
  • Our English – Podcast and Speaking Competition  
    September – December 2023
    Online and Hue University of Foreign Languages and International Studies
    57 Nguyen Khoa Chiem St., Hue City