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In November 2020, the Youth Action for Climate Change microgrant – implemented by the British Council in Viet Nam in partnership with Live & Learn and the Green Generation Network – was launched to seek, promote and support youth and community solutions to tackle climate change in Viet Nam. The microgrant received 80 project proposals, from which six innovative projects were selected for grants to respond to climate change and create social impacts.

These selected projects deliver practical solutions for communities, encompassing rural and remote areas to big cities and provinces, focussed on addressing issues such as indigenous practices for climate change adaptation, plastic pollution, biodiversity, air pollution, forest restoration and the climate agenda. Project participants were also extremely diverse in age (from children and young people, to middle-aged and elderly people), occupations (from pupils, students, teachers and citizens, to researchers and policy advocacy and implementation).

In the past six months, projects were implemented in six different locations, with more than 15 large and small events attracting nearly 200 young participants and reaching more than 17,000 people with the support of 73 organisations, including ministries, local organisations, youth union, and social groups.

More details of the projects can be found:

Climate Change and the Potential for Adaptation through Indigenous Knowledge, Behaviour, and Traditional Cultural Practices of the Chăm and Raglai People in Ninh Thuận

Children and adults of the Cơ Tu People Community in Quảng Nam on Climate Change and Natural Disasters in 2020

Handbook on the implementation of environmental education and ecotourism programs for Xuan Son National park

Actions for Climate change

The Green Forest Herald (SGRX)


The programme is an activity towards the 26th Conference of the Parties to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (COP26) taking place in Glasgow (United Kingdom) from 1 to 12 November, 2021.