Virtual Reality by Tierney

The Creative Commissions are 17 creative interventions and projects that bring people together from the UK and 28 countries in varied cultures- from indigenous communities and rural areas to bustling metropolises -to understand each other’s perspectives and collaborate on creative responses and solutions to climate change. This wide breadth of creative projects tackle difficult issues head on, push boundaries and are a catalyst for real change. They address challenging issues such as climate migration, plastic pollution, coastal erosion, deforestation, biodiversity, landscape, air pollution, wildfire and melting glaciers. Throughout the year, projects will share their outcomes through creative digital platforms and tools – from web-based digital storytelling and video reality to digital comic anthology, animation films and 360-degree experiences. 

More details of the commissions can be found here.

The commissions will link UK institutions with academic institutions in Kenya, India, South Africa, Philippines, Nepal, Bangladesh, Brazil, India, Indonesia, Ethiopia, Viet Nam, Lebanon, Azerbaijan, Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Egypt, Afghanistan Occupied Palestinian Territories, Colombia, Kazakhstan, Georgia, Jordan, Kosovo, Iraq, Israel, Rwanda, Nigeria, and Canada.