British Council Vietnam proudly presents the Creative Enterprise Toolkit. A resource toolkit contains tried and tested methods for teaching enterprise skills to creative individuals who are thinking of setting up a business.

In the last few years, UK-based innovation organization British Council with NESTA has partnered to internationalise their Creative Enterprise programme and disseminate their training methodology around the world. In Vietnam, the Nesta Creative Enterprise Programme was successfully organized in 2014 and was followed by the Nesta ‘Train the trainer’ programme in 2015. Together with partners we are planning to cascade trainings for local entrepreneurs and support them to develop their creative businesses.

A feature of Nesta’s Creative Enterprise Programme is their ‘creative enterprise toolkit’, which is a pack of tried and tested materials specifically tailored for creative individuals considering setting up in business. The toolkit has been used by hundreds of successful creative entrepreneurs around the world, from fashion designers, to freelance artists, to tech start-ups. They have used the resources, worksheets and case studies, to develop their good ideas, consider their personal motivations and aspirations for enterprise.

Toolkit contents

  • Four handbooks to help shape your creative idea into a business
  • Worksheet activities to explore and visualise the key issues of the business
  • Case studies of successful creative entrepreneurs who have used these tools
  • Tutor notes for support creative entrepreneur; with information on how to build a programme of activities.

Holly McIntyre from Creative entrepreneurs who have used the toolkit, say: “Thinking about myself, my ideals, my motivations and the impact of my business was much more valuable to me than simply knowing how a business functions.”

“Starting a business can be daunting but none the less on exciting prospect. Being given the tools to help you break down exactly what you need to do and when you need to do it has helped me manage my business needs one step at a time instead of visualising a mammoth task and not knowing where to start.” - Rachel Horrock, Head of Design Team, Rachel Horocks Design Company.

"Everything is clear and I know how to plan my company step by step… I can see the big picture, and all the details" - Zuhal Canyurt, participant in Creative Enterprise Toolkit Training, Izmir, Turkey.

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