Yukio Tono is a professor at the Graduate School of Global Studies and Director of the World Language Center at the Tokyo University of Foreign Studies, Japan. He received his PhD in corpus linguistics from Lancaster University. His research interests include the pedagogical application of corpora in foreign language teaching and learning, second language learner profiling based on the CEFR, and the development of CEFR-related resources. He has also served as a member of the revision committee for the new Course of Study for MEXT. Currently, he is the principal investigator of the CEFR-J and CEFR-J x 28 projects.


Plenary: Developing a Comprehensive Learning System for English language teaching in Japan: The case of the CEFR-J 

Day 2 - Saturday 28 October - 10.00-10.45

In this talk, I will discuss the CEFR-J project, Japan's adaptation of the CEFR for English education. Initiated in 2004, we began by exploring global English proficiency benchmarks, recognising the CEFR's growing influence in Europe. Between 2008 and 2012, our project evolved into the “CEFR-J,” with refinements including the addition of the Pre-A1 level and further subdivisions within the A1 to B2 levels. By March 2012, the first version of the CEFR-J was unveiled. Subsequent research led to the creation of resources such as the CEFR-J Wordlist, Grammar Profile, Text Profile, and Error Profile, as well as the development of the CEFR-J Can Do tests. These resources, available on the CEFR-J website, have enabled publishers and test providers to craft tailored teaching and testing materials. Currently, our focus is on aiding local schools to integrate CEFR perspectives into English education. I will delve into the challenges encountered during the project's journey, discuss the importance of a comprehensive learning system and envisage its future trajectory.