Kyungja Ahn is a professor in the Department of English Education at the Seoul National University of Education in Korea. Her research interests include second language teacher education, teaching and assessing young learners, technology-mediated language learning and teaching, and language education policy. She has published numerous books and journal articles and made conference presentations on L2 teaching and learning. She has also taught undergraduate and graduate courses and conducted workshops and seminars for both pre- and in-service English teachers. She has participated in the development of the National English Curriculum and English language textbooks for primary and secondary school students in Korea.


Panel member: Assessment as learning enabler in teaching Young Learners 

Day 3 - Sunday 29 October - 13.45-15.00

With children learning English at ever younger ages, there comes a need to develop assessment that specifically targets the young learner population. Our panel of experts will discuss assessment as a learning enabler for young learners from a variety of perspectives:

Kyungia Ahn will focus on the way in which trends in assessing young learners have developed in Korea with a growing emphasis on assessment for learning and classroom-based assessment .

Itje Chodidjah‘s concern is also with classroom-based assessment and especially the importance learning objectives as determining the validity and reliability of the assessment for young learners. 

Ruth Horsfall will discuss the role of empowering learners and learner autonomy in the assessment process. She is particularly interested in how younger learners perceive the progress they make  in language learning and how seeing and understanding this progress can motivate and drive further learning. 

Jing Wei will bring a technology focus to the panel to discuss how technology can be harnessed to transform the landscape of young learner assessment. She is concerned with questions such as the use of technology to generate assessment contents in ways that were not possible previously.