Register for an IELTS test to gain access to British Council academic support resources

Register for an IELTS test with the British Council from now until 31 January 2018 to gain access to British Council’s multiple academic support resources; applicable for test dates in February and March 2018.

Test takers who register from now to 31 Jan 2018 for any IELTS test date in February and March 2018, will be offered:

  • a USB containing the most up-to-date mock tests for both Academic and General Training (with answer keys) developed by British Council IELTS experts
  • and a 30-hour online course ‘Road to IELTS’ which includes two mock tests, three practice activities, two video tutorials and seven video tips for all four IELTS skills (listening, reading, writing and speaking)

Besides this, in January 2018 the British Council will provide many other academic support programmes for IELTS test takers. Please make sure you register for an IELTS test by the end of the month to seize the opportunity to receive these valuable IELTS resources:

  • take an official IELTS pre-test (three skills) authorised by Cambridge Assessment English, the co-owner of IELTS who develops and designs IELTS tests 
  • attend the IELTS Tips Seminar: “Common mistakes in the IELTS Speaking Test and how to avoid them” which is presented by a British Council IELTS expert

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For more information on the IELTS test, please call our free hotline 1800 1299.


Registration for IELTS Pre-test on 27, 28 January 2018 and IELTS Tips Seminar on 31 January 2018 has been closed due to limited seats available. To get updates about our future academic support activities, please follow us at the  IELTS Vietnam fanpage


If you cannot attend the seminar 'Common mistakes in the IELTS Speaking Test and how to avoid them', you can watch online as the event will be live-streamed on the IELTS Vietnam fanpage.

You can submit your questions to our guest speaker by posting directly into event page. Remember to click “Going” to get updated information and watch the live-stream from 19.00 on Wednesday 31 January 2018.