The IELTS Test Partners are aware of widespread attempts to commit fraud in the name of IELTS, online and offline. Fraudsters usually pretend to be associated with the test partners and claim to:

  • have access to the IELTS database and be able to change your scores 
  • be able to issue a Test Report Form without you having to sit the test 
  • make fake results appear in the Online Results Verification System 
  • be able to supply test content to you before the test.

Fraudsters advertise widely online on social media (e.g. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn etc.), in forums, through dedicated websites, emails or messaging applications. Fraudsters may also approach test takers in person at test centres, test venues or at preparation schools, claiming to have insider connections. 

We ask our test takers not to believe these false claims and scam offers, as the shortcuts they appear to offer are not genuine. Multi-layered security systems and stringent checks are in place to safeguard IELTS integrity and reliability as a high-stakes test. Penalties for serious malpractice include a 3-year ban on taking IELTS and many Recognising Organisations impose their own suspension periods when fraud is detected at the verification stage.

If you want to report a suspicious activity, scam or have any further questions related to above , please write to us on

For more information or assistance, please contact our customer services team at or, or call our hotline at 1800 1299.