EQUIP project

Friday 08 March 2024 -
16:20 to 18:15

The ‘EQUIP Dissemination Toolkit Event’ will be held on the 8 March 2024 from 16.20–18.15 Viet Nam time (9.20–11.15 UK time) to celebrate the achievements of the 'Enabling an environment of Quality for International HE Partnerships between the UK and Viet Nam' (EQUIP) project between Cardiff Metropolitan University and six Vietnamese partner representatives from Hanoi University of Science and Technology, Ho Chi Minh City University of Technology, International School – Vietnam National University and the Quality Assurance Agency for Higher Education.   

The toolkit is the culmination of the project work since its inception in January 2022 and the project will formally launch its toolkit highlighting key elements relating to qualification benchmarking, internationalisation, quality processes encompassing international standards within the local cultural context as well as recommendations for policy and national roll out in Higher Education Institutions in Vietnam. Additionally, it will showcase the resources and materials that support their implementation which will be avaialble on the EQUIP project website for other universities to refer to and utilise across their institution. 

This project is funded by Going Global Partnerships programme by the British Council.


Time Topic Presenter

16.20–16.30 (VN)

09.20–09.30 (UK)

Welcome and introduction


16.30–16.45 (VN)

09.30–09.45 (UK)

Update on Higher Education in Wales – Current positioning of Wales’ universities in the context current of the policy context/landscape

Rob Humphreys – Chair, Higher Education Funding Council for Wales 

16.45–17.00 (VN)

09.45–10.00 (UK)

Opening speech


Donna McGowan – Country Director, British Council Viet Nam

17.00–18.00 (VN)

10.00–11.00 (UK)

Dissemination of project activities and presentation of EQUIP project toolkit, followed by Q&A session

 Project representatives

18.00–18.15 (VN)

11.00–11.15 (UK)


Close of dissemination event