Tuesday 03 December 2013 -
17:30 to 23:59
Ho Chi Minh City

University of the Arts London is recognised around the world as a leading institution for teaching and research in arts, design, fashion, communication and the performing arts. 

Ms Kate-Rose Carrick, International Academic Coordinator at UAL, will be holding a presentation on the Colleges, followed by the creative workshop ‘Name it in 3’

This workshop is to demonstrate teaching and learning methods utilised at University of the Arts London. Three steps to finding a conclusion:

  • 3  Exploration, Decision Making, Resolution
  • 3  Key areas - Art, Communication, Design
  • 3  Methods to making, Concept, Image, Object

This workshop relies on students playing an active role and being willing to engage with the creative process.

The workshop project will be realised in words and images, and is suitable for A-Level students, as well as Undergraduate and Postgraduate applicants, interested in portfolio/praxis based art and design courses or non-portfolio based creative courses.