Teaching English to children can be challenging to parents. How can you motivate them to use the language often?

We have come up with five tips to motivate your child to speak the language.


Learning the English language starts with the parents! If your child sees you reading, watching films and speaking in English, they will be inspired to do the same. Actively involve yourself in your child’s English learning experience, rather than expecting them to study on their own. Giving your child lots of praise, encouragement and support will increase their self-confidence and motivation.


Parents know their child best. To make learning English an enjoyable and rewarding experience to your child, make sure to involve them in fun activities that suit their personality and interests. Very active children may like to play action games, while quieter children may prefer word games or card games. If your child likes sport, they will enjoy stories and vocabulary games about sport. Ask them which activities they prefer doing to give you an idea of the activities you can prepare for your child.

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