New teaching centre Faifo Lane

The British Council is opening a new teaching centre at Faifo Lane Shopping Mall, located at 2 Phan Van Dang, District 2, near Thu Duc People’s Committee. The center is welcoming young learners aged 5-17 for the upcoming academic year with attractive incentives, offering up to 30% off course tuition fees.

With this new facility, we are confident that parents and students will have more options for convenient learning locations that complement students’ schedules and living areas, as well as more classroom options to suit them if the current teaching centres are full.

Courses offered:

Learning Time with Timmy (for kindergarten) (start from August semester)

The British Council's early years specialists have designed Learning Time with Timmy to be fun and engaging for your child. It boosts their self-confidence and helps them develop communication skills and good pronunciation. It gives your child a more memorable and motivating experience, and a stronger foundation in English. 

English for Primary Plus (students aged 6–10)

This interactive course is designed to help primary students develop teamwork skills through projects and teacher challenges, where they learn to present and discuss their own ideas. The course aims to fully develop the four English skills and soft skills of the 21st century.

English for Secondary Plus (students aged 11–14)

The Secondary Plus course is designed to help students develop the English language skills necessary for success in global learning contexts and confident and independent communication. Under the guidance of our teachers, students will also develop practical skills and test-taking strategies through small projects, presentations, and research.

Academic English and IELTS for Highschool (for students aged 15–17)

This course provides a comprehensive curriculum centered on real-world topics to equip students for the global environment of the future. Students will engage in exciting lessons covering topics relevant to daily activities, preparing them for a future shaped by globalization. 

How to sign up and get special offers for new students

  1. Sign up for a consultation and schedule a test by completing the registration form.
  2. Take the proficiency test, with 25 minutes allocated for writing and 10-15 minutes for speaking.
  3. Receive guidance on selecting classes suitable for your level and preferred schedule.
  4. Complete the payment of course tuition fees.

Parents and students are invited to provide their details in the Registration section for course information. Our British Council service staff will then reach out to you to provide detailed assistance and arrange a level test for your child.

Summer 2024

What will be available during the Summer 2024 at British Council?

  • Learn while playing, explore the world through practical topics including science, technology, art and society.
  • Diversify practical activities in the classroom to make lessons more interesting and increase opportunities to explore and develop English after each lesson.
  • Practice thinking, establish skills through group activities, creating projects, models and presentations.
  • Continually enhancing your child's English, and assisting them to speak better, getting them ready for the upcoming school year.

After the summer course, students will:

  • Improve their English skills, including vocabulary, grammar, and pronunciation in real-life contexts
  • Reinforce and practice English skills to prepare for the new school year
  • Develop presentation abilities and confidently speak in public
  • Enhance critical thinking and teamwork skills through projects throughout the course
  • Advance their understanding of global subjects and contemporary issues, and be able to express personal perspectives on them