Tuesday 01 August 2017


The British Council in partnership with the Hanoi Grapevine and Creative Lab by UP jointly presented a report launch and discussion on the role of creative hubs in Vietnam as a key factor for developing a thriving creative economy in Vietnam. The event was organised on 1 August, 2017 at the capital city’s latest creative hub – the Creative Lab by Up at the Hanoi Creative City Building, No.1 Luong Yen, Hanoi. 

The session presented two research reports, both commissioned by the British Council as part of a series of actions in support of the development and sustainable operation of creative hubs in Vietnam. The first report is the Creative hubs: Experience from Europe, lessons for Vietnam, 2016, by Professor Andy Pratt from City University London. The second report is the Review of regulatory framework for creative hubs in Vietnam, 2017, recently conducted by the Vietnam National Institute of Culture and Arts Studies.

Speaking at the event, Ms Cherry Gough, Director British Council stressed on the important role of creative hubs: “We recognise the role and the network of creative hubs across Vietnam, and the significant contribution of these hubs to the local communities and to the sustainable economic growth, as well social and cultural development goals of Vietnam. We hope that these are useful references for policy makers, creative people and entrepreneurs in Vietnam. All over the world, creative hubs have become one of the key answers for creative business challenges. It is important that we acknowledge the significant role of these hubs in our economy and our society, and take action to support their sustainable operation, their rights to creative expression, and their capacity to grow and contribute to the prosperous and inclusive growth of Vietnam in the future.” 

The event featured three introductory presentations by three creative hubs, ranging from well-established to emerging hubs. They are the Creative Lab by Up in Hanoi, the Danang Business Incubator (DNES) in Da Nang, and Toa Tau in Ho Chi Minh City. Following the introductions by creative hubs and summary of the research reports will be a discussion on the role of creative hubs as key factor for developing the creative economy in Vietnam. The discussion will engage participants from the network of creative hubs in Vietnam, government sector, and members of the private sector and civil society. The discussion will be facilitated by a key member of the Hanoi Grapevine, a long-running online hub, with panel members from the hub community, the British Council, the Vietnam National Institute of Culture and Arts Studies. This discussion will present an opportunity for all participants to share their views about the sustainability of creative hubs in Vietnam and how creative hubs can contribute to the development of the creative economy. 

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British Council Creative Economy http://creativeconomy.britishcouncil.org/
British Council Vietnam Arts www.britishcouncil.vn/en/programmes/arts 
British Council Vietnam Arts and Creative Industries resources www.britishcouncil.vn/en/arts/resources 
Hanoi Grapevine https://hanoigrapevine.com/ 
Creative Lab by UP www.facebook.com/creativelab.byUP/ 

Notes to Editor

Vietnam’s first National strategy for the development of cultural industries to 2020, vision 2030 (NSDCI) was ratified by the Prime Minister in September 2016. The strategy outlines ambitious goals for the development of the cultural industries in Vietnam, which is set to account for 3 percent of GDP in 2020 and 7 percent of GDP in 2030. For some specific sectors, high revenue targets are set for 2030 including 3.2 billion US$ for the advertising industry, 250 million US$ for the film industry and 125 million US$ for fine arts. 

In that context, as organisers we believe it is now more important than ever to mobilise resources from all stakeholders in order to promote the development of the creative sector. Creative hubs are valuable resources that are not yet fully being harnessed. Putting them at the heart of creative policy and action programme will unlease their potentials. Supporting creative hub development will not only enable us to expand access for arts and culture, but also offers opportunities for business collaboration and growth.

The British Council, together with key partners including UNESCO, the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism, the Vietnam National Institute for Culture and Arts Studies, have been working closely with a network of 40+ creative hubs across Vietnam. The British Council previously commissioned two important researches investigating the hubs scene in Vietnam: the Mapping of the creative hubs in Vietnam, 2014, and the Policy and creative hubs in Vietnam, 2016, both by independent journalist and media consultant Truong Uyen Ly. The British Council also worked with UNESCO in providing technical assistance to the drafting of the National strategy for the development of cultural industries to 2020, vision 2030, and engaging the network of creative hubs across Vietnam in a series of capacity building and networking activities.

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