Thursday 16 November 2023


The British Council in Viet Nam is set to bring together a remarkable ensemble of thought-leaders from across the UK to engage in a collaborative dialogue, designed to ignite the creative spirit of Hanoi. The event, taking place on 21 November 2023, at the Hanoi Museum, is part of the UK/Viet Nam Season, which aims to promote cultural exchange and collaboration between the two nations until December 2023.

The Hà Nội Creative City Dialogues initiative is a collaborative industry event that seeks to promote cultural innovation and sustainable urban development within the vibrant city of Hanoi. The event is organised in partnership with Hanoi Department of Culture and Sports, Viet Nam Architect Association, and Hanoi Festival of Creative Design 2023. ‘The Hà Nội Creative City Dialogues are more than just a series of conversations; they represent a profound exploration of Hanoi's potential as a thriving creative hub, an opportunity for the city's artistic and cultural sectors to come together with international experts and visionaries. Through this dialogue, we hope to help chart a course towards a Hanoi Creative City that is both innovative and inclusive, where creativity is at the heart of all our development’, said Donna McGowan, Director of the British Council in Viet Nam. ‘This dialogue exemplifies the power of collaboration and cross-cultural partnerships, showcasing the spirit of creativity and exchange that defines the UK/Viet Nam Season. We are thrilled to be a part of this transformative dialogue, celebrating our commitment to fostering creativity and culture in Hanoi, especially in our 30th year in Viet Nam’ she added. International speakers, hailing from the UK's cultural and creative hubs of Belfast, Dundee, and Derry-Londonderry, will share their insights and experiences, providing valuable knowledge to the local arts sector. Speakers include:

  • Chris McCreery from Belfast who has a profound passion for cultural-led regeneration. McCreery, known for founding the Northern Ireland Science Festival, has played a pivotal role in shaping cultural institutions and nurturing creativity in the region.
  • Poppy Jarratt, a key figure in Dundee's City of Design, will share her experience in strengthening partnerships and providing opportunities for Dundee's designers, and her commitment to fostering creativity within the community.
  • John Peto, a leader at the Nerve Centre in Derry for over two decades, has been instrumental in inspiring young people through pioneering digital literacy and upskilling programmes. He will share insights into Nerve Centre’s award-winning work, including the Our Place in Space project, showcases his dedication to digital and creative capacity building.

The Hà Nội Creative City Dialogues aims to facilitate meaningful discussions and knowledge sharing between international experts and Hanoi's creative leadership community, with a focus on city branding and sector development. The dialogue will set the stage for Hanoi's city leadership and creative sectors to explore future opportunities for co-creating a Hanoi Creative City, leveraging the insights and experiences of the UK speakers.

After the Hà Nội Creative City Dialogues event, the British Council will host an industry meet-up session called LÊ LA CÀFE: Industry Session on Wednesday, 22 November 2023, from 09.30 to 11.00. The creative sectors in Hanoi are welcome to meet our international speakers and chat about the creative sectors in Hanoi over Vietnamese coffee. Registration is required, and the session will be conducted in both Vietnamese and English.

Event details:

For more information and registration details, please visit our website.

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About the British Council in Viet Nam

The British Council has an established presence in Viet Nam, with a dynamic portfolio spanning the arts and creative industries, education (higher, vocational and non-formal), and English teaching, learning and assessment, delivering a range of academic and professional UK qualifications. We have 370 staff in Hanoi and in Ho Chi Minh City across nine offices and teaching centres. Four new young learner language centres were open in 2023, with more planned in the coming two years. We have built extensive networks, connections and partnerships between UK and Vietnamese individuals, organisations and institutions across all areas of our work, and with ambitions to further expand these networks. In 2023, the British Council in Viet Nam is marking its 30th anniversary, celebrating our commitment to building connections between the UK and Viet Nam.