Thursday 04 June 2020

The British Council in partnership with University Access Centre HCMC (UAC) has officially launched the new IELTS test centre for taking IELTS on computer in Anh Minh Tower, 56 Nguyen Dinh Chieu, Dakao Ward, District 1 of Ho Chi Minh City to answer the increasing demand of the local market and provide convenience for test-takers. The new place located right in the heart of Ho Chi Minh City, equipped with state-of-the-art facilities and offer exclusive experiences to test takers. This is the second test centre of the British Council for test takers who take IELTS on computer in Ho Chi Minh City following the success of the first venue in Viettel Tower, 285 Cach Mang Thang Tam, District 10. 

Taking IELTS allows test takers to have more options on test day (up to seven days per week and three sessions per day), greater flexibility with quicker result in only five to seven days, as well as suitable for people who prefer typing over writing. Due to the success of IELTS on computer, this format will be rolled out nationwide in the future.

In line with the new normal after Covid-19 pandemic, the new IELTS test centre of the British Council for taking IELTS on computer at the UAC allows IELTS to meet market demands for “simple, safe and convenient” experiences, whereby computer-delivered IELTS tests can be taken on the UAC’s premises with sessions of 10-20 candidates during mornings, afternoons and evenings, initially at weekends. 

The new centre also applies the same safety guidelines as other British Council’s test venues. Accordingly, all test venues will be thoroughly cleaned prior to the start of the testing sessions; all test takers’ temperature must be screened; test takers are provided with hand-sanitizers on the test day and required to wear face masks. For computer-delivered tests, all equipment will be cleaned between sessions.  

Steve Adams, Director Examinations East Asia from the British Council, has shared: “At the British Council, the health and safety of our staff, test takers and the communities in which we operate is our top priority. So we have strictly followed the advices of the government to manage the spread of Covid-19 in Vietnam. And now to adapt with the “new normal”, all our test venues are ready to resume and work with high level of safety.”

“IELTS is still the world’s most popular English language proficiency test for higher education and global migration and we could see computer-delivered test format now more and more popular because it has a number of great features such as faster results and more frequent time slots. Therefore, we have decided to collaborate with the UAC HCMC to launch computer-delivered IELTS right in the heart of the city, bringing more convenience and exclusive experiences for our IELTS test takers.”, he added.  

Besides, more computer-delivered IELTS familiarisation workshops, IELTS skills workshops and study aboard information sessions will be organised frequently at the new centre in order to help students and professionals studying and working in the neighbourhood.

“Built with a new concept of contemporary interior architecture – a fusion of industrial, retail and workspace styles, UAC Ho Chi Minh City is proud to be chosen by the British Council as an official British Council IELTS test centre for computer-delivered IELTS. This development will complete the educational experiences of visitors, offering them more variety of choices and greater convenience while visiting our UAC premises in Ho Chi Minh City”, said Sebastian Henriksson, Centre Director, UAC Ho Chi Minh city.  

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