Specialist courses covering specific areas of classroom practice, and English language teaching, or aimed at teachers working in non-English language teaching contexts.

E-moderator Essentials

  • A course for teachers with teacher training experience who want to become online moderators.
  • The five units of the online course  enable participants to demonstrate they have the range of skills to moderate online.
  • The course is required for any moderators leading British Council online teacher training courses.

English in the Subject Classroom

  • This course of 10 workshops helps teachers of subjects such as mathematics, science and social studies develop their classroom language to teach these subjects in English.
  • Teachers will develop confidence in their English and practise classroom activities for their subjects.

Vocational English Certificate

  • This is a face-to-face training course of 90 hours for teachers of English in vocational education at secondary or tertiary level.
  • It covers the key areas of vocational education in 30 modules.
  • It is also for general English teachers who would like to enter the world of vocational education.

Primary Innovations

Primary Innovations is a programme designed in collaboration with UK ELT consultant, Jayne Moon, and implemented by the British Council and the Ministry of Education. It aims to increase the number of Vietnamese English language trainers with a good foundation in primary teaching who can effectively deliver teacher training workshops.

To provide an opportunity for capacity building and changing approaches to teacher training, the British Council can work with trainers in local training colleges to develop Master Trainers who can then cascade the Primary English teacher training.

Through the course, participants will:

  • develop the  knowledge and skills to become trainers of primary English teachers (PToTs)
  • develop their capacity for on-going professional development
  • develop and enhance their professional English language skills.

Teachers successfully completing the course receive a certificate validated by the British Council and partners.

Effective Lecturing

Effective Lecturing is a 35 hour course for lecturers designed to enhance the delivery of lectures so student learning is maximised.  

The course is built around a project and will culminate in a mini-conference at which participants will present a 10 minute lecture. Workshops focusing on the preparation for the conference t will alternate with interactive input sessions on a range of lecturing techniques, such as effectively structuring information, using visual aids and engaging with an audience. Participants will also be asked to keep a journal in which to reflect on past experiences, current practice and the learning process throughout this course.

The programme is divided into 9 workshops of 3 hours duration each, a session of peer presentations (focus: visual aids) and a mini-conference:

At the end of the course, participants will able to:

  • position the role of lecturing in the overall learning process
  • identify the components of an effective lecture
  • develop clear objectives and a suitable structure for a given topic
  • express  ideas through narrative, analogy or metaphor
  • effectively use presentation aids to support ideas and convey information
  • build rapport with the audience through a delivery which is engaging and memorable.

Academic Teaching Excellence - Improve teaching through the medium of English in higher education

ATE is a co-developed course between the British Council and the University of Oxford and is designed to support lecturers in universities and other places of higher education who teach their subject through the medium of English. It helps lecturers design and deliver their lectures in English and meet the special linguistic requirements of their students.

The British Council delivers the ATE course in two ways: 

  • a five day face-to-face course at or near the lecturer’s place of work
  • a blended course of approximately 30 hours of online work over a period of five to six weeks, followed by a two day face-to-face seminar.

ATE is interactive and grounded in discussion and group work. It uses examples from the academic subjects of the participants as a core resource to illustrate EMI teaching strategies. Overall, ATE provides the following:

  • an introduction to the principles of teaching through the medium of English
  • intensive speaking practice and a review of advanced language skills
  • discussion of teaching practices in a variety of contexts
  • micro-teaching units by each participant with peer review and comprehensive trainer feedback
  • modules including: addressing a mixed language-level student body; discourse markers; asking the right questions and reducing tutor talk time; encouraging student participation; using visual aids to enhance linguistic comprehension; effective feedback.

ATE has been delivered to more than 200 universtity lecturers in Vietnam since 2015.