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The British Council in Viet Nam is now inviting applications for UK–Viet Nam partnerships to help us implement our Teacher Activity Groups Programme – Phase 2. 

This call for proposals comes under our TAG Programme Strategy in Viet Nam – Phase 2 (2024–25) and the approach of ‘building a group of TAG exemplar province’.

Our main objective of this call is to leverage the expertise, knowledge, and experience of UK and Viet Nam ELT providers, and the partnership model (UK ELT providers in collaboration with Viet Nam ELT providers and Viet Nam provincial DOETs) developed through the TAG pilot phase (2022–23) to identify and establish a group of provinces as TAG exemplars. More detailed information about our expected outcomes, or success factors of a TAG exemplar provinces, can be found in the call for proposals as attached below.

This programme will be implemented for 18 months, from April 2024 to September 2025. Grant funding per awarded project is £25,000. 

This grant call is open to all UK and Viet Nam ELT providers to partner with each other, provided that at least one partner in this Phase 2 partnership project (either UK or Viet Nam ELT provider) already participated in the TAG pilot phase (2022–23). Bidding proposals are required to demonstrate how the expertise, knowledge, and experience gained by UK/Viet Nam ELT providers in the TAG pilot phase will be leveraged for the implementation of your Phase 2 project.

Please find more background information about our TAG programme in Viet Nam, as well as eligibility criteria and funding rules in the attached call for proposals.


  • Deadline for submission of proposals: 25 February 2024
  • A briefing session about this call was held on 30 January 2024. Please watch the recording on our briefing at https://bit.ly/484nDxp

Any questions about this programme, please email: 


Please download all the documents relating to the call as below.