Six women in traditional Vietnamese clothing stand together looking directly at the camera in a field.
Land, Water, Heaven: cross encounters, joining threads.  ©

Benjamin Reich

Saturday 16 September 2023 to Sunday 24 September 2023
Centre 151, 151 Whiston Road, London E2 8GU

Join us in celebrating the true spirit of collaboration in this inspiring project uniting three groups of creatives for an epic design showcase. The Blue H’mong craftswomen of Pa Co village, the candle artisans of WAX Atelier and artists from Kilomet109 will come together for a three-week residency at APD Centre in Hanoi and Pa Co to share ideas, techniques and inspiration based on their shared heritage, as well as Mother Goddess beliefs and rituals.  

How to take part 

Led by Wax Atelier (London), in collaboration with the Blue H’mong craftswomen of Pa Co village (Mai Chau), and Kilomet 109 (Hanoi), this exhibition explores the theme of design and sustainability through the lens of the spiritual Mother Goddess. Staged at Centre 151 in Hackney, an independent charity and cultural centre supporting the Vietnamese, Laos and Cambodian communities in London, the installation takes shape through the lens of the Mother Goddess - an ancient Vietnamese tradition of worship of female deities and mother spirits seen as protectors of nature. Set across three spaces, the garden, tea house and theatre, which represent metaphorical realms: forest, water and heaven,  Mother Goddess of the three Realms will present the physicality and theatre of turning plant into product, by using string and rope as the medium and metaphor to demonstrate how cross-cultural ideas and skills from a wider group of designers, architects and craftspeople are intimately intertwined. For further details, please visit Wax Atelier website.

About the Season

The Season will imagine our future together by bringing together artists, universities, and civil society leaders. People across Viet Nam and the UK will have the opportunity to experience innovative and exciting creative work from some of the best UK and Viet Nam companies, artists and institutions creating together.