More than just an English course – learn English for the real world

Secondary Plus is no ordinary English course – it has been designed by the world’s English experts. You will enjoy dynamic lessons on real-life topics that prepare you for a global world.

Practical. Challenging. Hands on.

Your spoken English will improve alongside your written English as you:

  • gain confidence in speaking English through activities such as presentations, fun debates, vlogging and interviews 
  • learn about real-world topics like urbanisation, the environment, ethical food and climate change
  • develop life skills such as collaboration and leadership to help you succeed in the future, and have lots of fun along the way.

Feel welcome in a friendly class

Learn English in an inclusive learning space, with people your own age. Your dedicated and talented teacher will treat you as an individual and motivate you to take charge of your learning. 

You can also practise your English on the go or at home using Secondary Online.

When you learn with us, the world opens up

Secondary Plus will help you succeed at school, prepare for Cambridge English exams and get ready for university. 

Making friends, studying and travelling – when you can speak English, you’re ready for anything.

Course information


Term Start Date End Date
Term 1 29 August 2020 23 December 2020
Term 2 07 January 2021 26 May 2021
Term 3 03 June 2021 29 July 2021

Ho Chi Minh City

Term Start Date End Date
Term 1 24 August 2019 20 December 2019
Term 2 09 January 2020 28 May 2020
Term 3 01 June 2020 27 July 2020