About this course

myClass is a regional product from the British Council, currently available across Asia. This course is designed for adults, aged 18 and over.


Your lessons will focus on authentic everyday English with real-life topics and practical language tasks.

Build your confidence in speaking and listening

  • Develop your spoken ability in a real-life situation
  • Receive personal feedback on your performance

Activate your English in class

  • Use English during class time: practice, practice, practice!
  • Learn the essential words and phrases to say what you want
  • Work on pronunciation in class to help you speak naturally

Extend your learning out of class

  • Consolidate your grammar, vocabulary, listening and reading by completing fun and interactive online language exercises related to your studies and receive instant feedback

Course Structure

myClass follows a non-linear structure with complete freedom of choice of which lesson you study and in which order. You must complete 60 lessons to complete one level.

Your level will be determined by a written placement test and a face-to-face interview with one of our teachers.


Levels Duration (Lessons)
Foundation Module A & B
Elementary 60
Pre-Intermediate 60
Intermediate 60
Upper-Intermediate 60


How it works

1. Take a test to assess your level

Call us now on (08) 3823 2862 HCMC or (04) 3728 1922 Hanoi or leave your information in the myClass online registration form.

2. Choose a package that suits your needs

(as recommended by our Customer Advisors)