Students reviews

‘I chose MyClass to improve my Listening, Speaking, Writing and Reading Skills to support my work. MyClass helped me to develop my English skills for business trips and has supported me in upgrading my English for my post-graduate studies in the future. Do Hoang De, MyClass student, a Director of a Construction Company

‘I chose MyClass to improve my communication skills and because I want to talk to my children in English. My eldest child has studied at the British Council for four years and the youngest one has just started studying here.’ Nguyen Thi Luong, MyClass student, a business owner

‘With MyClass, I can choose the topics, teachers and time to suit my needs. Teachers at the British Council are enthusiastic and friendly. Having studied MyClass, I am very confident in speaking English and I was able to get the IELTS score I needed.’ Bui Duy, MyClass student, currently studying in the U.S.A

'I did not expect to make fast progress, but with only two MyClass courses I quickly felt more fluent in English and now I am able to understand the gist in professional meetings with foreign partners or in business emails. I realise that my pronunciation has improved significantly, which enables me to deliver ideas and messages clearly. Therefore, I have started to reach my English goals for work.' Nguyen Quy Phong, MyClass student