Do you know how to use phrases like much shorter than, almost as fit as and exactly the same as? Look at these examples to see how comparisons can be modified.

He's much shorter than his brother.
Our hotel room was exactly the same as the photos showed.

There are several different ways to compare things in English. We can also modify comparisons to show big or small differences.

  • We can use comparative adjectives to compare different things. We can use as…as with an adjective to say that two things are the same, or not as…as to say that one thing is less than another. 

Her hair is as long as mine.
It's not as sunny as yesterday.

  • We can also use expressions like different from, similar to and the same as.

England is different from the United Kingdom.
His car is similar to mine.
The results from the first test are the same as the results from the second.

Showing big differences

  • We can use much, so much, a lot, even or far with comparative adjectives.

Sales in July were a lot higher than sales in June.

He was far less experienced than the other applicant.

  • We can use nowhere near with as Adj as.

The interview was nowhere near as difficult as the written exam.

  • We can use very, really, completely or totally with different from.

They may be twins, but they're completely different from each other.

Showing small differences

  • We can use slightly, a little, a bit, a little bit or not much with comparative adjectives.

The number of registrations has been slightly lower than we expected.
Houses in my city are not much more expensive than flats.

  • We can use almost, nearly, not quite, roughly, more or less or about with as Adj as and the same as.

She's almost as old as I am.
The figures are more or less the same for May and June.

  • We can use very or really with similar to.

My son looks really similar to my father when he was that age.

Showing there is no difference

  • We can use exactly the same as or just as Adj as to emphasise that there is no difference.

My grandma's cakes still taste exactly the same as when I was a child!
A new phone can be just as expensive as a new computer these days.

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