Friday 10 May 2019

6–25 June, Hoi An, Danang – With the participation of 43 master musicians and artists

The British Council in Vietnam is delighted to announce a line-up of 43 master musicians and artists to take part in the FAMLAB Residency in Hoi An from 6–25 June as part of the project Heritage of Future Past. Hailing from different parts of Vietnam and the United Kingdom, participating masters and artists will work together towards in-depth musical exchanges and sharing on indigenous forms of Vietnamese music at this historical town in central Vietnam. 

This residency forms part of the FAMLAB strand of on-going Heritage of Future Past project and is organised in conjunction with Lune Production and Phu Sa Lab (including music director Nguyen Nhat Ly and members of the SEAPHONY Orchestra). The FAMLAB residency will culminate with a free, outdoor concert on 25 June inside Hoi An’s Dong Hiep Cultural Park.

The FAMLAB Residency and Concert will reflect the indigenous music from the North West, Central Highlands and South Central regions of Vietnam (where a large Cham population is based, with participation of master musicians from the provinces of Tuyen Quang, Lai Chau, Gia Lai, Dak Lak and Binh Thuan). Working in artistic advisor and co-ordinator roles are artists from Phu Sa Lab (Hanoi): Nguyen Nhat Ly (music director for Lune Production performances such as My Village, A o, Palao), Nguyen Duc Minh and Quyen Thien Dac, alongside special guest-composer Ngoc Dai. Other notable names include the Dan Do Group (known for self-made instruments inspired by indigenous music and quotidian objects), and singer Do Nguyen Mai Khoi.

The initiative will also feature three contemporary Scottish musicians known for their innovative approaches to sonic traditions: Tom Bancroft (drum set and bodhran drum), Esther Swift (harp) and David Shedden (bagpipes), as such creating a platform for exploring symbiosis and resonances between Vietnam’s and Scotland’s indigenous music forms, in all their parallels. 

Following 20 days of collaboration, the residency will conclude with an outdoor concert at Dong Hiep Cultural Park, Hoi An, introducing works developed by artists throughout the programme. 

The FAMLAB residency features the following master musicians and artists:

Background Musicians
Music advisors from Phu Sa Lab, Hanoi

Nguyễn Nhất Lý
Hoàng Ngọc Đại
Nguyễn Đức Minh
Quyền Thiện Đắc

Vietnamese traditional master musicians

Chu Văn Thạch (Tuyên Quang)
Lò Thị Chăn (Lai Châu)
Mai Khôi (Hà Nội)
Nhóm Đàn Đó (Đinh Anh Tuấn, Nguyễn Quang Sự, Trần Kim Ngọc) (Hà Nội)
R’Châm Tih (Gia Lai)
Thổ Minh Vượng (Bình Thuận)
Xích Văn Trực (Bình Thuận)
Y Cel Niê (Đắk Lắk)

Scottish traditional master musicians

David Shedden
Esther Swift 
Tom Bancroft

Vietnamese and international contemporary artists living in Vietnam 

Alec Schachner (Hà Nội / Mỹ)
Bryan Wilson (Hà Nội / Mỹ) 
Hoàng Quốc Việt (Hội An)
Jett Ilagan (Hà Nội / Philippines) 
Linh Hà (Hà Nội)
Má A Nủ (Lào Cai)
Nhóm Teresa (Y Meret Niê, Điểu Hùng, Ngân Văn Chiến, Ages, Tis) (Đắk Lắk)

Members of Palao group, Lune Production, Hoi An

Hán Văn Đón
Huỳnh Đắc Phúc
Inra Jaka
Kiều Ngọc Tá
Nguyễn Ninh
Nguyễn Thị Thanh Lâm 
Phạm Ba Chinh
Quảng Đại Hữu
Thuận Ngọc Hòa
Thuận Ngọc Vũ Linh

Members of Teh Dar, Lune Production, Lam Dong

H' Nrũil Kră Jẵn
K'Rã Ján Điôn
La Y San
Nay Dấu
Y' Sắc Niê

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About Heritage of Future Past

Heritage of Future Past is a two-year project delivered through the British Council’s Culture and Development initiative to explore the use of cultural heritage for growth to benefit all levels of society. Engaging with Vietnam’s music and film heritage, especially those currently under-threat or under-represented, the project consists of two interconnected strands: community-level activities, and FAMLAB (Film, Archive and Music Lab). Launched in April 2018, the project seeks to create opportunities for communities across the country to contribute to – and benefit from – the safeguarding and reinvigoration of their cultural heritage.

Project activities are focused on research, documentation, conservation, training and capacity building (including oral teaching techniques), experimentation and innovation, advocacy and education (including policy and community dialogues), and the re-imagination and revitalisation of cultural heritage via contemporary practices.

About Lune Production

Lune Production was established in 2012 with a vision to inspire native cultural values of the world, starting with Vietnam, to global audiences. The company develops and promotes spectacles and cultural products that capture the essence of local native cultures by collaborating with world-class artists who share the same values. Lune’s products such as A O Show, Lang Toi – My Village have won audiences’ hearts locally and across four continents as the company keeps expanding in scale, while maintaining focus on pushing creative boundaries and upholding native cultures. Most notable recent works include the S.E.A Sound Project, initiating the Seaphony ethnic orchestra and Palao, a contemporary theatrical creation based on Champa culture.


The S.E.A Sound project was initiated by musician Nguyen Nhat Ly to create a South East Asian musical platform where the community of ethnic music lovers gather to share, enjoy, compose, perform, and prosper. After years of research and months of passionate labour throughout 2017, the Seaphony orchestra proudly made its first appearance in the ethnic music concert ‘Dem Vo Thuc Ban Dịa’ at Hanoi Opera House, on 12 December 2017. The project aims to grow deeper and more sustainable roots within local ethnic communities, while connecting musicians across South East Asian countries to build an open network sharing a passion for indigenous music and bringing native sounds of South East Asia to the world.

About Phu Sa Lab

Located in Hanoi’s Tay Ho District, Phu Sa Lab was founded by the visionary artist Nguyen Nhat Ly in his early years having returned to Vietnam. It serves as a hub for independent artists for traditional and ethnic music experimentation in contemporary context as well as an open space for creatives and cultural activists who share artistic, humanitarian, environmentalist ideals and passion.