teachingenglish.edu.vn is a website which provides supplementary resources and activities for basic education teachers in Vietnam that have been mapped specifically to the state curriculum from Grades 3 to 5 for the Primary school and Grades 10 -12 for the secondary school.  The site also has an active forum where teachers can sign up to join and has materials for professional development.  There are currently 7000 members, 60,000 downloads and nearly 200,000 unique visits since October 2011. 

The VTSN provides lesson supplements (linked to the school curricula) for Primary and Upper Secondary.  For teachers who need to fulfil the requirements of the curriculum but also want to motivate their learners through more interactive activities, it is just a simple matter of logging on to teachingenglish.edu.vn, clicking on the grade and unit you are teaching and selecting an activity to supplement your lesson. Guidelines for using the activities are in both English and Vietnamese. And there are also low-tech options for using the materials in classrooms without a computer.

Teachers can also find tips on dealing with a range of everyday problems such as correcting errors and managing large classes. There is also a section on professional development and opportunities to become part of a global network of teachers via our online forum.

Lessons are now set to become more dynamic and motivating with interesting up-to-date materials and more opportunities for learners to interact in a communicative environment.

The site also has a newsletter which is distributed to nearly 8000 teachers quarterly. 

Mr Nguyen Vinh Hien, Vice Minister of Education and Training said at the launch of the website: “The website is a production of the partnership between the British Council and the Ministry of Education and Training of Vietnam. The site is a very useful source of materials for both teachers and learners of English in Vietnam especially for the upper secondary school sector, which helps to strengthen English language teaching and learning in the implementation of Decision number 1400-2008  “Foreign languages Teaching and Learning in the National Education System – period 2008/2020”. The website provides teachers with useful teaching resources, techniques and methodologies which have been provided by Vietnamese and British specialists.  With this support, teachers can improve their teaching skills and use the materials effectively in their daily teaching”

To encourage teachers to use the website, various competitions have been organised in the past in collaboration with MOET.

A young teacher from Can Tho province commented: “The site is very useful. I now feel very much confident in preparing for my lessons with support of the practical and relevant materials from this website. You’ve made my life much easier”

The website is a great example of how the British Council remains committed to working in partnership with the Ministry of Education and Training to provide teachers of English across Vietnam with access to quality teaching resources and opportunities to engage with other English teachers from around the world.

Further information

For further information on the programme, please contact the English for Education Systems Unit, British Council Vietnam.

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