FAMLAB Artist Residency 2018 ©

British Council. Photo:  Le Xuan Phong

We are delighted to announce the following grantees from the first three rounds of FAMLAB Fund (Film, Archive and Music Lab), a diverse and exciting group of initiatives across platforms, cultures and geographies. A component of the arts programme Heritage of Future Past, the fund provides grant packages (£100,000 over the next two years) to projects that work with and explore Vietnam’s music and film heritage through contemporary mediums. 

The grantees so far are:

Round 1

Future of traditions – a series of workshops in Hanoi with both master musicians of traditional music genres and contemporary artists working with traditional cultural elements.

Hanoi New Music Festival 2018: Make a Silence – discourse and performance programmes on traditional music of Vietnam and South East Asia. 

Nguyen Ngoc Vu – a multi-media exhibition (painting, video, installation and sound) inspired by the traditional theatric art of tuong.

Viet Cine Corner – a library for Vietnamese cinema located at and managed by TPD, plus events and activities (screenings, talks, etc.) on various facets of Vietnamese cinema.

Round 2

Action for H’Mong Development – a mapping and presentation of the songbook of H’Mong people 

Art Labor – public presentation of sound installations/sculptures inspired by the music of Central Highlands communities and made with local master musicians and artisans based in the region

Cultural Community Discourse – an online library of Southern Vietnamese traditional music forms.

Dong Thanh Danh – a mapping and presentation of the Kadhar ritual music of Cham people. 

Galerie Quynh (in collaboration with artist Nguyen Huy An) – a solo exhibition of Nguyen Huy An presenting works exploring aspects of traditional Vietnamese music.

Moi Tran – a project around the connections between Bolero music and diasporic Vietnamese communities. 

Saigon Supersound/Saigon Soul Revival – the recording and live presentation of the 1960s/1970s Vietnamese songbook

Vy Nguyen Anh Phong + Ha Le Diem – the making of a documentary film on the music of the Pacoh people in Quang Tri. 

Round 3

See the Sound – multi-media project by Fly on Dust Media House – taking in a documentary film, a publication and various community events – exploring memory and identity through parallel creative journeys in traditional Vietnamese music and underground hip-hop, featuring musician Ngo Hong Quang and beatboxer Trung Bao.

Saigon Cinema 1954–1975 – research project by film writer/journalist Le Hong Lam on the films and film-makers of pre-1975 South Vietnam. The project will culminate with a book release and a screening programme of restored cinematic work.

Doan truong vinh hoa – feature-length documentary directed by Le My Cuong and produced by Thanh Nguyen (in co-operation with Vietnam Television) following a tuong troupe as they travel and perform through the Mekong River Delta countryside.

* Round 4 of the Fund is now open for submissions. Please visit the below page for more information.

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