myClass Student of the Month is a prize that is awarded to students who are selected by British Council Academic Management Team based on their academic performance and effort. Students of the Month will be selected under two categories for each level and in each city:

  • Best Academic performance and progress
  • Highest class attendance

At the British Council, we are committed to delivering a supportive learning environment for students in which they can make strong progress towards real goals. Lessons are taught by qualified and professional teachers and students can also attend further English practice activities in myClub, and online through our digital resources. Our teaching method means that our learners will gain confidence in communicating in English as well as taking international language exams like IELTS.

Nguyễn Quý Phong, myClass student of September said 'I did not expect to make fast progress, but with only two myClass courses I quickly felt more fluent in English and now I am able to understand the gist in professional meetings with foreign partners or in business emails. I realise that my pronunciation has improved significantly, which enables me to deliver ideas and messages clearly. Therefore, I have started to reach my English goals for work.'

Mr. Nguyễn Quý Phong receiving a certificate for 'Student of the month' in September 2019

Students of the month in September 2019

Category Last Name First Name Level Centre
Best Academic performance and progress

Nguyen Quy Phong E HAN
Nguyen Thi Kieu Anh P HAN
Le Thanh Truc Anh I HAN
Truong Kieu Chinh U HAN


Highest class attendance

Nguyen Phu Tru E HAN
Nguyen Thanh Binh P HAN
Nguyen Bich Ngoc I HAN
Tran Thu Huyen U HAN

Best Academic performance and progress

Vo Hong Hau E HCM
Luong  My Phuong  P HCM
Tran Ha Chau I HCM
Dao Thanh Hung U HCM

Highest class attendance

Nguyen Thi Thuy Lieu E HCM
Truong Tan Quoc Thang P HCM
Bui  Thao Nguyen I HCM
Phung Hieu Ngan U HCM