IELTS Speak Up – Win a chance to practice speaking and receive feedback from British Council IELTS experts.

IELTS Speak Up is a unique, value-added offering exclusively available at the British Council that specifically focuses on helping you prepare for your IELTS Speaking.

IELTS Speak Up is an easy to use online service which enables you to upload a speaking demo of Speaking Part 2 and your target Speaking score. Within five working days, the demo will be assessed by British Council IELTS experts and test takers will receive an invaluable, comprehensive and timely written assessment on their performance, highlighting areas where you did well and suggest specific areas that you should focus on to achieve your target Speaking score.  Test takers can upload their demo either via computer or phone.

To be eligible to join the IELTS Speak Up programme, you must be one of the first 50 IELTS registrants of the day (beginning from 08.30) with the British Council from 17 August to 11 October 2018, applied to 2018 test dates

The programme is applicable to all test takers of IELTS Regular, IELTS UKVI, the IELTS Academic module, and the IELTS General Training module. 

Besides, all IELTS registrants with the British Council will receive a 30-hour 'Road to IELTS' online preparation course with a comprehensive package of practice materials, demo tests, ebooks and tutorial videos to prepare their best for the test.

For detailed terms and conditions of IELTS Speak Up, please visit:

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