Emerging artists group exhibition. Photo by Linh Cam Credits Nha San Collective 

Mapping Creative Hubs in Vietnam lists over 140 creative hubs in Vietnam, which have over two million ‘likes’ on their collective Facebook pages. This number is still growing.

The researcher has focused more on the recent activities of creative hubs in Vietnam, and with a greater emphasis on government-independent hubs i.e. those that do not receive government support.  

To gain a more comprehensive overview of creative hubs in Vietnam, it is recommended that this report be read together with the British Council and Truong Uyen Ly’s previous report on policy and creative hubs.  

Methodology: Desk research and direct interviews with hubs.

Report Contents:

I.  Definition of creative hubs in the Vietnamese context
II. The big picture 
III. Focus on hubs
IV. Impact 
V. Key challenges
VI. Conclusion and recommendations
VII. Hub directory